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Important File-Ex Installation Note! After downloading the ZIP file, you should unzip it to a temporary directory and then run the included Setup program to install it. (If using WinZIP or similar program with an "Install" option, you may use that option to install it. )

New to ZIP files? See the bottom of this page for information.

Products currently available for download:

  • File-Ex 3.0 for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, and XP, version, under 500K

    File-Ex is now Freeware! Click here for free registration codes.

    Please check the Tips for Getting Started page of you're new to File-Ex (and don't like reading lengthy Help files).

    Important Upgrading Notes:

    You should uninstall any previous version of File-Ex (and reboot your computer) before installing an update! Be sure to use the "Automatic" option when uninstalling so all of your current settings are retained (including the registration status if you're a registered File-Ex 3.0 customer). If you use the "Custom" option, this could delete the File-Ex data folder (including your registration information) if you're not careful in your selections. We recommend including your File-Ex data folder in your regular backups.

    If you have File-Ex 1.x or 2.x version installed, you must use the "Remove" program included with that version to remove it before installing version 3. You should use the "Partial" option, which you will see when you run "Remove", so that your settings and file/folder history is retained and used by the new version (except for trained dialogs). None of the settings will be altered by File-Ex 3.0 -- it will import the settings and make its own copy, so you can re-install the old version if necessary.

    Windows 95, 98, and ME users: There is one reason you might not want to use File-Ex 3: File-Ex 3 does not enhance 16-bit applications in Windows 9x, as version 2.x did, so if you still use File-Ex 2.x with some 16-bit applications then you will have to either upgrade Windows or upgrade your 16-bit applications to use File-Ex 3 with them.

    See what's new in File-Ex 3.0

  • Pre-trained Application Templates for File-Ex 3.0

    • -- All current templates (6 K)
      This file contains the most recent templates, listed below. Just unzip these into your File-Ex data folder and use the Import function in File-Ex.
      • MS Office 97, 2000, and XP/2003 (English) -- also included in the normal File-Ex download above
      • MS Outlook 2000, and XP (English) -- also included in the normal File-Ex download above
      • MS Office 97, 2000, and XP/2003 German versions -- also included in the German File-Ex download above
      • MS Office 2000, Norwegian version
      • MS Office XP/2003, Spanish version (also includes Visio and other MS applications)

      See here for training notes for MS Office applications

    • If you train File-Ex for other applications or modify the MS Office training for your language, please let us know so we can offer it to other users! All you have to do is E-mail your "fileex.dat" file to us and we'll do the rest.

File-Ex is now Freeware! Click here for free registration codes.

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