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Upgrade Information

File-Ex version 3 has been released. If you have purchased a previous version of File-Ex, you're eligible for a discounted upgrade price. Refer to the table below for details.

Important!: To order an upgrade from a previous version (eg. from File-Ex 2.x to 3.x), please use the appropriate order form below (which is the normal order form for the product), but be sure to mention "Upgrade from version x" in the Comments field when ordering. We will then verify your information with our database and charge the appropriate price.

Prices below do not include shipping and handling charges, since most customers opt for free E-mail/download delivery.

Upgrading to File-Ex version 3

File-Ex 3.x Any version 3.x upgrades (from a previous 3.x release) are free. Just download and install the latest version.

If you want a new disk mailed to you, use the order form here and you will only be charged shipping (be sure to indicate "upgrade from 3.0" in the comments).
File-Ex 2.x This is a $9.95 upgrade, use the order form here.
(Multiple copy and site license upgrades are 50% off the normal price.)
File-Ex 1.x This is a $14.95 upgrade, use the order form here.
(Multiple copy and site license upgrades are 25% off the normal price.)

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