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FreeRegistration Information

Registration code:

This assumes that you already have File-Ex (the trial version) 
downloaded and installed.  If you have not already done so, 
download File-Ex from the "Free Downloads" page.

To "register" your copy of File-Ex (which will turn the trial version
into the fully licensed software), you will need to enter the
name and registration code (below) after installing it.

To enter the code, open the File-Ex "Configuration" dialog, either 
by clicking on the running File-Ex icon, or by pressing the
"File-Ex" button on any File-Ex open/save dialog.   You will then
see a button labeled "Enter Registration Code".

Press that button, and a dialog will ask for Name and Code.  Enter
them as they appear here, for the version you're using:

File-Ex Version 3.x:
Name: free user
Code: 47188352

File-Ex Version 2.x:
Name: free user
Code: 31458912

The name and code must EXACTLY match, including upper/lower case 
letters and spaces.  It's probably easiest to just highlight the 
text here, Copy it, and Paste it into the dialog.  If there is an
error, it will tell you.

That's all there is to it!  It will be registered immediately.

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