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Delayer (tm)

Program Execution delayer/timer for Windows 3.x/95/98/NT

(Latest version is 1.10, released September 27th, 2001)

Delayer is FREE!

Delayer has a simple function: to delay the execution of a program by a specified number of seconds (up to 24 days!).


Primarily this is used for programs in the StartUp group (which Windows runs automatically when starting) which don't operate properly if executed immediately, or multiple programs that need delays between them.

This can also be used to do basic automation of programs, or with the 'repeat' function could be used to run a task every hour, for instance.

Other use examples:

  • Pop up a periodic reminder to take a break (or get back to work!)
  • Periodically check E-mail, run diagnostics, etc.
  • Ping your ISP occasionally to keep it from disconnecting.
  • Automatically log off after 8 hours (assuming you have a program that will do that without user input.)
  • Run a sequence of programs on startup (instead of running them all at once).
  • Keep your taskbar tray icons in a certain order by running the startup programs in a certain sequence.

If you find other good uses, please let us know!


Delayer can only be used by setting up a Program Manager icon (or Start Menu/Desktop shortcut in Windows 95/NT) to run Delayer with Command Line parameters.

For details see the help file included in the download, or simply run Delayer (you'll get an error, and then the correct command line syntax will be shown in the About dialog, with a Help button).

How much?

Delayer is FREE! It is freely distributed "freeware". If you find it useful please check out our other programs!


v1.10 September 27th, 2001

  • Added /M option to start the target minimized
  • Recompiled as a 32-bit program

v1.02 April 3rd, 1997

  • Fixed so you can run more than one copy at a time.
  • Fixed help file to show proper Win95/NT syntax (using quotes)

v1.01 -- Fixed so it works with long file names/paths

Download 32-bit Delayer 1.10 for Win95/NT now (28K)

Download 16-bit Delayer 1.02 for Win 3.1 now (23K)

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