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Here's what our customers say...

(These are unsolicited comments by real customers.)

I wanted to bring my previous comments up to date for any new users looking at "FileEx"... My name is Richard Parker and my previous comments below go clean back to Win95 and here we are into WinXP. This program has survived through all of Microsoft's build, from Win95 to WinXP. There are very few programs that can claim that kind reputation and longevity. So my comment to you would be: "BUY IT" Itís the best all around tool ever made for Windows.
-- Richard Parker
-- Corpus Christi, TX
-- Retired IT/MIS Director and Automation Engineer

I recently bought File-Ex 3 (just before Chrsistmas) and I have to say that, of all the programs doing this (enhancing Windows lousy dialog boxes) you guys do it the best! But it isn't just a "power-users" proggie - it is a must have for anyone locked into the Windows platform!
-- Ian Shere, New Zealand

Your program is one of the best and and most useful software purchases I have ever made. I use it many times a day and am always delighted by the elegant, simple way it gives you freedom and power over a constantly used function. Really enjoy using it.
-- George M.

How pleasing it was to discover that File-Ex 98 actually works, and surpasses my expectations. Honestly, I am in awe, File-Ex 98 dependably does as proclaimed, which is high praise in an era where software claims of functionality and dependability, are not to be trusted, and seem to be considered optional priorities.
-- "Geminate"

I am rarely a winner, but this time I scored big with File Ex! When I won a permanent copy in your weekly giveaway, I followed the easy to use registration instruction. I was up and running in minutes. I can't believe that I have gone so long without it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
-- Jennie R. Platt (a contest winner)

Have I told you guys lately how much I appreciate your File-Ex for Win '95 product? It fills a niche very nicely and saves me a lot of time and frustration each and every day.
-- Mike Jacquot

This program is the best enhancement for Win95 that I have ever downloaded, and I have looked at everything I can get my hands on, I am a software freak and always looking for the better mouse trap, this is one of them.
-- Richard Parker

The more I use File-Ex, the better I like the ease and convenience of having file management functions built right into my file dialogs. File-Ex is definitely one of the better investments in shareware I've ever made.
-- Geoffrey Kidd

The enhancements [File-Ex] brings to Windows 95 make life easier by far.
-- Ellen Parodi, Philadelphia

Can't imagine life without File-Ex - greatest utility ever, a mega-time-saver!
-- Robert Whittaker, New York

I think [File-Ex] must be by far the most useful add-on utility that I have ever used. I rely on it constantly.
-- Rig'dzin Dorje, England

The more I use File-Ex, the more uses I find for it... now it's almost indespensible.
-- M. Richardson, California

File-Ex really does save so much time. It must be one of the best investments for my PC; a small but very valuable one.
-- James Prior, Newbury England

I *love* this program. Makes WINDOZE so much nicer!
-- P. Geiger, Sebatopol, CA

"File-Ex is one of those programs that makes you say, 'That's really neat!' everytime you use it."
-- S. Heifetz, New York, NY

"I like the program more and more since I've been using it. Absolutely great - don't know how I lived without it!"
-- G. Hjelte, Willmar, MN

"Very nice! I have wanted to be able to do what FileEx does for a long time."
-- Kjell Astradsson, Stokholm, Sweden

"Great little program... It's one of those ideas I kept wishing someone would invent, and lo and behold, someone did."
-- Susan Horton, Vancouver, B.C.

"This is the first piece of shareware I've found *immediately* useful AND NECESSARY! I installed the shareware, ran on for all of five minutes until it got the first use, and immediately realized I no longer had to run File Manager in the background!
This was the easiest and quickest shareware registration decision I've ever made, and rightly so. [File-Ex] is an excellent addition to anyone's software arsenal!"

-- G. Sumners, Calumet City, IL

"You have probably heard all this before but its a great piece of software. Nothing that is going to change the universe as we know it but a utility that deals with an annoying problem. Nice one."
-- K. Malpass, United Kingdom

"...And another time: [File-Ex] is really a great tool!"
-- M. Erdner, Germany

"File-Ex [is] an efficient, smooth running and cleanly presented file manager ... Highly recommended"
-- (anonymous), St-Cergue, Switzerland

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