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Here are some of our awards

File-Ex earns a 5-cow rating on Tucows!

File-Ex is a Shareware Industry Awards nominee for Best Overall Utility of 2003!

"Certified Power Tool" on the Power Tools Forum!

"Dr. File Finder's Pick" on Simtel!

WUGNET Shareware Hall of Fame
WUGNET Best Choice Shareware Pick of the Week!

ListSoft Cool Award
ListSoft Cool Award!

Softlandmark Editor's Pick
SoftLandMark Power Tools Editor's Pick!

File Transit 5 Stars
The File Transit 5 Star Winner!

Sofotex 5 Stars
SofoTex 5 Star Rating!

Paul's Picks Shareware Winner
Paul's Picks Shareware Winner! can't to without it!

Our site is a Smart Computing Top Site!

Global shareware 4 Gold Disk Awarded
Global Shareware 4 disk rating.

File-Ex 98 is a finalist in the 1999 Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards!

File-Ex 98 is rated a MUST HAVE on Harris' Hanger95!

File-Ex 98 is a Jewel on CMPnet's FileMine!

File-Ex 98 was an Editor's Pick on PC World's FileWorld!

File-Ex was a WinMag Top 10 Pick in 1997.

File-Ex was a WUGNET CompuServe Forum Pick.

File-Ex wins the Windows Magazine Win100 award for 1998 Utilities!

File-Ex nominated for Best Utility of 1998 by the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation

File-Ex made Editor's Pick on SoftSeek!

Cottonwood Software is a member of the ASP.

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