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What's New in File-Ex 3.0

File-Ex version 3.0 has finally been released, with support for all 32-bit versions of Windows. While the conversion to a fully 32-bit program and NT4/2000/XP support is the primary change (with the "hidden" benefit of being a much more stable and clean application), a number of improvements and enhancements have been added along the way. The list below highlights the functional changes from File-Ex 98 (version 2.x).

If you are a user of a previous version, see the upgrade information.

Note however that one aspect of File-Ex 2.x has been removed -- 3.0 will not support the old-style dialogs used by 16-bit applications (and a few older 32-bit ones). You can train those dialogs to use File-Ex, so you will get the new style dialog and long file name support, but only in Windows NT4, 2000, and XP. If you depend on File-Ex for 16-bit application support and you're still using Windows 95, 98, or Me, then you should not upgrade to version 3.

Major new features in Version 3

  • Full 32-bit application design for full Win NT support
  • Sorting can default to Name, Size, Type, or Date, in either direction. Keep folders on the top or bottom regardless of sort direction.
  • Remember the column widths in details view.
  • Added "Path->Clipboard" button to copy the current file's full path to the clipboard
  • Can now be trained as a Folder Selection dialog (eg. for Browse dialogs that just need a path, not a file)
  • Global Favorites -- Separate lists for favorite files and folders accessible from any application
  • New function to Edit the Recent Files/Folder lists, including auto-cleanup of orphaned entries
  • Option, by application, to always open the dialogs of that app to a specified folder (the 1st one in the Favorite folder list)
  • Option to remember the last dialog position (overrides automatic centering of the dialog)
  • Option to remember the last dialog size, e.g. if you resize the dialog manually.
  • Completely redesigned configuration dialogs

Other new features in Version 3
  • Shows the long file name in the file info line, with the option to show the full path
  • Shows the current folder in the file info line (until a file is selected)
  • Shows free disk space in the file info line
  • The Delete button uses the Recycle Bin (if Windows is configured that way), with the option to turn it off.
  • Individually show/hide each file management button and File-Ex button
  • Additional disable key option to use, Ctrl+Shift
  • Additional disable key option to temporarily disable File-Ex without prompting for options
  • Ability to temporarily disable trained dialogs with a disable key
  • Ability to disable the "open to last folder used" function in individual dialogs (e.g. for dialogs that have a problem with this turned on)
  • Tray icon shows enabled/disabled state, and can enable/disable File-Ex with a single click (with Shift/Ctrl)
  • The Browse functions in File-Ex now use the explorer-style dialog
  • Option to turn off the headers in the Recent and Favorite lists (e.g. "Recent Files Used...")
  • If Add/Edit Favorites commands are disabled, just Ctrl-click on the list to get them back temporarily
  • Favorite Files and Folders may be added manually (with Browse functions).
  • Now keeps track of 100 recent files and folders, instead of 25
  • Fixed problems with the dialog closing immediately (e.g. folder browsing dialogs).
  • Avoid the "flashing" and delay to change folders when opening the dialog, if it's already in the correct folder
  • Improved recognition (and avoidance of false recognition) of trained dialogs
  • Works correctly with dialogs with a Places bar (the new folder list on the left), in Windows Me, 2000, and XP
  • The ability to disable a single trained dialog, without deleting the configuration
  • A dialog can be trained to be ignored, rather than having to add a button to it (e.g. Word 2000's Find dialog)
  • Flexible File-Ex button positioning on dialogs trained with the "Add button" option, instead of enlarging the dialog to add it (which had problems in some applications)
  • The added button is just "FE!" instead of "File-Ex", so it will fit easily on any dialog (placed next to the file name entry box by default)
  • No longer uses the clipboard for the filename in trained Office applications
  • Ability to import trained dialog sets ("templates") -- Version 3 does not come "pre-trained" for MS Office apps, but comes with completely trained templates for Office 97, 2000, and XP that you can import.
  • The installation program is completely new (using Wise Installer)
  • Data files are placed in the user's private application data folder when possible, so separate users can have different settings and file histories
  • No files are placed in the Windows folder or the program folder -- all settings are stored in the user's application data folder. This also allows for better network/non-administrative-user setups
  • Only one EXE and one DLL file are used, (cleaner design).

Latest File-Ex 3.0 Release Notes

File-Ex 3.0 Feature Summary

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