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File-Ex Pictorial Tour

So, what is this File-Ex thing, anyway?

Put simply: File-Ex enhances the file dialogs of your Windows applications so that whenever you click on 'Open' or 'Save As', you get a more useful dialog than the standard Windows one. Even if the application already has a somewhat enhanced dialog, File-Ex can make it better.

Ok, so what does that mean?...

Here is the standard Windows Open dialog:

(Some programs use a grey version.)

With File-Ex, it will look like this:

Besides showing more files and looking more modern with the grey background and narrow font (optional), you'll notice some extra stuff at the bottom:

First of all, there's a row of file management buttons, which are really simple to use. Just click on the file you want to do something with, and then click the 'action' button. File-Ex will guide you through the rest with simple prompts. (The "File-Ex" button takes you to Configuration and Help for File-Ex.)

Next, there's the file information line. This gives you the file details at a glance.

Finally, there's the Recent and Favorite Files and Directories lists.

Just click on the 'Recent Files' list arrow button and a list of the last 25 files will drop down, in order with the most recent at the top.

These are just the files used for the current application!

Below that, though, will be the last 25 files used by ANY application -- very handy if you process files with multiple applications (for example, save a spreadsheet in Excel and then import it into Word).

Just click on the file you want from the list, and it will automatically be selected and ready to open (or save), and even the directory is automatically changed for you.

The Recent Directories list works the same way, so you can easily get back to any of your most-used directories for the current application or all applications.

Likewise, you can click on a 'Favorites' list arrow button to get to files/directories you select as you favorite for each application -- up to 100 each!

What if the application doesn't use the standard dialog to begin with?

No problem! File-Ex can learn to recognize nearly any application's dialog, and either replace it with the new File-Ex dialog, or simply add a File-Ex button to it so the File-Ex functions are easily accessible.

Still not sure why you would need File-Ex?

Here are some more examples of its usefulness:

  • Have you ever started to save a file and realized that you want to copy or move the old version to another name or directory first? File-Ex makes this Easy to do right from the Save dialog.
  • Have you ever wanted to save a new file into a new directory? Use File-Ex to make the new directory right as you're saving the file.
  • Have you ever started to open or save a file and noticed some old files in the list that you don't need? Delete them easily with File-Ex, then continue on with your work.
  • Have you ever wanted to make sure you're opening the most recent version of a document? Use the file information to check the time/date of the files in question.
  • Have you ever started to open a file and couldn't figure out where it was? Don't waste your time clicking through directories -- just use the File-Ex Find function to search all of your drives at once.

A few more tidbits:

  • File-Ex has its own Remove program, so it's easy to clean off your hard disk if you change your mind and decide you don't need it.
  • The trial version of File-Ex is fully functional for 30 days of actual use, so you have plenty of time to try it out. (After that, only some of its more advanced functions are disabled.)
  • Extensive online help tells you all about how it works and how to teach it to recognize new programs.
  • File-Ex is constantly being enhanced, and there is no charge for minor upgrades. We value our customer's input, and we act on it!
  • Don't worry about throwing money away on an 'old Windows' program -- the upgrade to File-Ex 98 or NT will be free.

OK, are you ready to try it?

Just click on the Download link below, and tell your web browser to save it to a file. Then just "Unzip" it to a temporary directory and follow the simple setup instructions in the "readme" file!

Download File-Ex now! (under 400K)

"...And another time: [File-Ex] is really a great tool!"
-- M. Erdner, Germany

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