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File-Ex Version 3 Press Release

For more information contact:
Stan Spielbusch
Cottonwood Software

Windows Productivity Enhancement for File-Open and File-Save Dialogs

LIVINGSTON, TX -- November 14, 2002 -- Cottonwood Software today announced the release of File-Ex version 3.0, a major update to its award-winning utility software. File-Ex is a powerful tool that is simple enough for anyone to use. File-Ex adds time-saving functionality to the Open and Save As dialogs of Windows applications. This release adds support for Windows NT platforms (including Windows 2000 and XP), as well as a number of enhanced features.

File-Ex is designed to reduce the effort normally required to do the 'simple' task of opening or saving a file. The auto- enlargement feature allows more files to be displayed at once, minimizing the need to scroll the window. File-Ex also adds "Favorite Files" and "Favorite Folders" lists, as well as "Recent Files" and "Recent Folders" lists, directly to the file dialogs. This could mean never having to navigate with the "Look-In" tree again. The additional options to automatically open the dialog to the last folder used, or to always open a designated folder for each application, are another real time-saver.

Other additions to the dialogs include file management buttons (for those who don't like the annoying delays of the right-click functions), a file information line which shows a file's complete path and properties plus free disk space on the current drive. File-Ex also adds long filename support to 16-bit applications, so those legacy programs will be even more useful.

To save even more time, File-Ex can always default to the details view and remember the column widths so you don't have to tinker with it to see those extra-long file names. In addition, File-Ex can sort the files and folders in any order you like. If you still can't find the file you're looking for, just use the built-in "Find" function to search all of your drives at once.

By adding these functions to the file dialogs, the time normally spent looking for a file and navigating to the desired folder can be used for more productive activities. It can also help keep your hard drive more organized, for instance by simplifying the process of storing files in appropriate folders.

File-Ex works automatically with most applications, and needs little if any tweaking from the typical user. However, File-Ex has many configuration options and can be "trained" to work with nearly any application, even if that application doesn't use the standard Open and Save As dialogs. All of these features combine to make File-Ex the most flexible and comprehensive utility of its kind.

File-Ex runs unobtrusively as a small icon in the taskbar tray, or can be hidden entirely. File-Ex works on any IBM compatible PC running Windows 95 or later.

File-Ex may be purchased by credit card, check or money order directly from Cottonwood Software for $19.95 (add $3.00 for shipping in the United States, $5.00 elsewhere). Orders may also be placed directly on Cottonwood's web site ( A fully functional 30-day trial version can also be downloaded from Cottonwood's web site.

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Evaluation copies are available upon request.

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