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File-Ex 98 Recent Revisions

(A complete revision list is included with the File-Ex download.)

v2.12d release December 2nd, 1999

  • Fixed problems with Delphi app "open image" dialogs (and any that it adds panels to)
  • Fixed problem of opening to File-Ex directory in some cases (trained dialogs)
  • Fixed problem with training MS Office 2000 apps
  • New installations trained for Word/Excel 97 and 2000
  • Fixed problem with "NewsGrabber" crash (and potentially others) due to File-Ex thinking the main window is a file dialog. (The matching is more strict now to avoid false matches.)
  • Fixed problem with training Cold Fusion's dialog
  • Fixed dialog ghosting in the program "Excel Recover"
  • Allow File-Ex in Windows system dialogs like Start/Run/Browse
  • Force re-hooking periodically to get around the problem of many programs that don't handle hooks properly. This fixes the problem of File-Ex being disabled.

v2.12c release Jan 17th, 1999

  • Fixed problem with File-Ex hook not responding on shutdown (hopefully for good)
  • Fixed messed-up dialog problem with old-style dialogs in Win98 (eg. InstallShield Browse)
  • Fixed potential infinite-loop (lock-up) problem if Recent list is corrupted
  • Fixed default fileex.dat file for Word 7's Save As file type (*.doc)
  • Fixed problem of not going to last directory used if it has high-ASCII characters in it
  • Fixed delay problem when typing UNC paths (\\machine\...) in filename box
  • Fixed recent-paths problem of not going to \\machine\drive\ paths
  • Fixed to display the proper path instead of the File-Ex directory when trained for Add Button
  • Fixed training to work with Corel WP8 and others that have multi-layered dialogs ... note: due to dialog design, Corel dialogs will not show the File-Ex button so they must be trained for "Replace", or for "Add button" with "auto-open" selected
  • Fixed to notify file edit box's dialog of a change so it accepts "Enter" (WP8)
  • Fixed dialog recognition to distinguish Open vs. Save better
  • Fixed problem of locking up when Recent Path list not updated successfully
  • Store recent/favorites in separate files in the File-Ex data folder, to avoid the problem of COMMEX.INI getting too large (which prevented adding more favorites, etc.)
  • Fixed problem of not going back to root directory if that was the last dir used.
  • Fixed VB5/6 Open/New Project dialogs (hardcode them as disabled)
  • Tweaked sizing/moving to work properly with some install program "Browse" dialogs.
  • Fixed Corel Draw 7, etc. template overlapping File-Ex controls
  • Fixed trained window checking for no-name dialogs (to work with Office 2000 apps)
  • Allow cancelling of the temp-disable step (using ESC or X button)

v2.12b release, bug-fixes July 11th, 1998

  • Added details to Setup error message (not just "Win 3.1 version")
  • Ignore some modules more completely (Explorer, Kernel32, Rundll32), in efforts to fix the problem with fxhook32 not unloading
  • Added fileex.ini option, "Ignore Modules=", to avoid attempts to add any File-Ex hook window to a module (this will disable File-Ex enhancements also).
v2.12a release, Win98 bug-fixes. June 28th, 1998
  • Fixed Setup to use the right source path
  • Fixed to recognize old-style dialogs correctly under Win98, which affects most "Browse" and "Change Directory" dialogs and some older 32-bit apps.
v2.12 release, renamed to "File-Ex 98". June 22nd, 1998
  • Fixed to work with the stretchable dialogs in Windows 98

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