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File-Ex Version 3

Technical Information

Latest version is


System Requirements

To run File-Ex, you need:
-- IBM AT compatible computer (80386 or higher processor)
-- Windows 95 or later
-- At least 1 Meg of free hard disk space

How File-Ex Works

File-Ex can be installed as an auto-start program, and lives as a tiny icon in the task bar tray. Using File-Ex is simply a matter of using your normal applications, then using the buttons that File-Ex adds to the Open and Save dialogs.

File-Ex is a system-friendly enhancement -- it does not replace any system files. It's simple to remove also (an uninstall program is included), and will not affect or be affected by Windows service packs, upgrades, etc. You can even turn File-Ex on and off from its menu.

File-Ex uses "system hooks" to provide its functionality, the same as any keyboard macro program, mouse utility, or clipboard enhancement program does. It's much less intrusive to your system than programs like Norton Utilities, virus scanners, etc.

There are however some conflict issues with applications, because File-Ex has to make assumptions about the common file dialogs in order to enhance them. File-Ex can deal with a good amount of tinkering that apps do to them, but sometimes still gets confused when major changes are made to them. For those, File-Ex has a simple dialog-specific disabling mechanism so you can tell it not to touch certain dialogs. However, there are very few applications that this would be required for, so the typical user will never need to do this type of customization.

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About the Evaluation Period

You are free to download and try File-Ex for 30 days. It will be fully functional during that time, so you can try all of its functions.

After using it for 30 days (not necessarily calendar days, but when it's been used on 30 different days), some of the functions will be unavailable. You will still be able to use the basic functions, but the advanced functions (like training for new dialogs) will not be available unless you purchase the program.

Download a trial version of File-Ex now!

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